Do your customers know this about you? Is it true? Are you the best?

If you look out on the Wall of Fame at Rose you will see that our customers say this about us all the time. I saw it again today on an email from a client to our CSR manager, Feven. We don’t take that lightly. You have to do a lot of preparation and building to earn that from a customer. You have to be good enough not to make simple mistakes. You have to check and double check and sometimes fix things that were done wrong the first time. I talk to a lot of people in our business and they say it too. Our customers want reliability and we provide it 24 hours a day. Every phone call is important.

If we’re the leader people make us out to be, then we have to be ethical and have integrity. Many in this business don’t. The majority of the public think most transportation companies are unprofessional because there are so many bad ones in the business. Competitive operators bad mouth each other. We don’t have time for that, and if you want to be the best you don’t either. Show it in your actions.

There’s a very thin line between success and failure. You can lose a very good customer in one phone call and by the same token, you can win one for a long time by convincing them over on the phone with your attitude, enthusiasm and emotionalizing your belief in your company. How many times does a chauffeur knock the socks off the customer, who then writes a very emotional email telling us how good the driver was on the trip? More times than we can count. Language is the key thing. We must create relationships so the customer stays with us. CSR’s are our brand. They are our first line of offense. I’ve never called a transportation company that answers the phone as well as we do. 

We’re in the benefit business. Help solve the customers transportation problems. Offer more, different kinds of equipment. Many times the customer doesn’t know what they need. We help them and SELL them. Convince them we’ll make their event more successful. The thing that seperates us from all the other limo & bus companies is a very special brand of service. And it’s not boastful to say we’re better at it–we are because we have more talent and more equipment. The internet & social media is making buyers even faster so we have to be ready. 97% of people go online to research services.

Mistakes happen and when they do… everything to fix it. And don’t throw a teammate under the bus. Cover for them if necessary. Blame and finding fault does not get you more customers. It just wastes time. 

We’ve got a big year coming. How about your company? If you are the best and you want a big year too, then everyday when you come to work, ask yourself this question: Do your feet and heart go in the same direction?  

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