“Make your move!” “Unleash the power within!” “Victory is near!” I’m a motivational writer, and I get sick of hearing this same old stuff. It doesn’t work.

Tony Robbins is the #1 business motivation speaker and author in the US. I saw him speak years ago and he’s very good. He puts on a helluva show, not unlike a firebrand preacher. Someone like Robbins can jolt people out of their comfort zone. Whatever your goal is–make more sales, lose weight, stop drinking–all you need is Robbins to beat the drum, get in the parade. For a lot of people it works. It’s the same thing some preachers do with religion. Robbins is a perfected orator, a sort of hynotist. You walk in the building feeling negative, and you walk out full of positive.

You walk out thinking, “I can do it!” Sadly, this works for most people only a certain amount of time, and then they fall by the wayside. They read the books, listen to the tapes, and still they give up and go back to their old ways before long. They’re missing something critical that gives the motivation its power: You have to know what “it” is, have a very specific goal in mind, and the deep desire to go after it.

The Tony Robbins stuff can work, but not if your motives are in the wrong place. If all you want is to buy things–a big house, fancy car, boat. Or accumulate money. It’s the journey. You have to LOVE the journey. If your goal is only the destination, it won’t work. A lot of people say….”I wanna be rich”….or kids say….”I wanna be famous”. That’s horsecrap. What do you want to be rich or famous DOING??? You have to give (a talent) to get something in life.

Back in the 1950’s, preacher Norman Vincent Peale was the first motivational speaker. Beyond anything else, he was an awesome speaker. He wrote the best seller “The Power of Positive Thinking,” which is now the bible on the subject. Sold millions of copies around the world. That book got me on the right track. It teaches you to be pleasant, smile, respond positively to things in life–especially if you’re selling something.

Dave Thomas of Wendy’s hamburger fame said when he was 15 years old working for a small town restaurant, “I’m going to own a chain of restaurants one day.” His employer laughed in his face, but in his heart he knew what he wanted, went after it, and got it. When Warren Buffet was a kid he said, “I am going to be a millionnaire through investments before I’m 30.” Lee Iacocca said, “Im going to be a VP of Ford before I’m 35.”

They didn’t need motivational speeches to get them going.

The platitudes and inspirational tripe rarely help much. A speaker like Tony Robbins can get you going, though… if you already know what you want. If you prepare, work, practice, study your trade. And you gotta want it bad enough. Pro golfers have to hit 600 balls a day for years to make the college golf team and then the PGA circuit, and most of them still don’t make it. How bad do you want it?

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