When old broadcasters get together they exaggerate many of their conversations.  That’s what they got paid to do, so why stop when you become an old man.   Three of them gathered at Stacy’s in Denver again.   Doug Mayes was supposed to be a 4th, but he was taken to Presby Hospital last night and we’re sorry, but we don’t know his condition at this writing. Doug is 93 and in fragile health.  We pray for his recovery.

So you don’t mistake this picture for Abe Lincoln, Ulysses Grant and Robert E. Lee…..this is Charlotte’s equivalent.  Ty Boyd (83), Bill Walker (72), and H.A. Thompson (81).  All of us have big voices, and two out of three wear hearing aids so you can guess what that does to our conversation.  Tends to make it very loud.

At Stacy’s Restaurant in Denver they stuck us off in a corner booth, but a few heads still turned.  One of the waitresses said a diner asked her….”Who is that, Walter Kronkite?”

To refresh your memory Ty Boyd was at WBT & WBTV for 17 years.  Bill Walker was news anchor on Channel 9 for more than 35 years and HA was allowed to hang around WBT for 20.   Ty is from Statesville and Bill is from Fountain, NC, a little burg not far from East Carolina U.   These two guys didn’t let me in the conversation for the first 20 minutes.   Both graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, both worked at WCHL doing the morning shows which is where they cut their teeth in radio. I listened to their stories about Dean Smith and Bill Friday. Ty graduated in ’54, Bill in ’65. Bill Walker and I started at WSOC radio the same year, 1968. Bill retired 10 years ago. Boyd came to WBT in 1961 for $17,000.

We rode in Bill’s Lexus and when we got to Stacy’s I opened the back door to help Ty get out.  He’s got a bum leg.  He said, “I can’t get out”….I said, “Unhook the damn seat belt.”   Walker started calling us the Odd Couple.

When old men get together they talk about things nobody mentions.  Like memory.  I said…..”It’s simple, if you think your memory is slipping, just shut up.” Not easy to do for people in our line of work.

Here’s another one…..when are you too old to drive?   The day of reckoning….When your kid comes up to you one day and says….”Dad give me the car keys”.

One thing we all agreed on…..one of the best places to visit close by was Savannah, Ga. Remember the book and movie, “Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil”?

I hope you enjoyed having lunch with us. Thanks for listening…..one more time.


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