Ever drive down Nations Ford Road and wonder what those towers are? I have an office not too far from there and I get a crazy feeling every time I drive by those WBT radio towers that have been there since the 1930’s when Grady Cole used to be the only radio voice in the Carolina’s.
WBT signed on in 1922. Their 100th birthday is coming up. I look at those towers like a 5 year old — they used to be my toys. Those towers launched my bark and wagged my tail. Ty Boyd did it for a long time…Bob Lacey and Harold Johnson…Truckin’ Tom all night…Rockin’ Ray, Mary June, & Stokes. GM’s came and went…Weird Harold, Cullie, Bill, Tony, John…It’s kind of like a 4th of July firecracker that never stops exploding.
I remember I used to guess women’s ages by the sound of their voice on the phone with uncanny accuracy. Crazy stuff. We ate at the Driftwood or the Open Kitchen. Back in our day, radio was like the girlfriend you dated down the street. She was pretty cute and you had a lot of fun with her. And you needed her every day. Eventually, she dumps you and what you have left is memories when you drive by the towers. I have and will for a long time.
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