What a glorious time we had bringing the ‘Metamucil Gang’ together and sharing our 60th reunion back in Canton, NY with the classes of ’55 and ’56 of St. Lawrence University.

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We will sing the praise through endless days…to the SCARLET and the BROWN…

It really is one of those once in a lifetime events. You forget where you’ve been. You turn every corner on campus and so much of it is new. But the previous things you touched like, Gunnison, Richardson, Men’s Res, and Dean Eaton bring flashbacks like lighting to your soul.

64 years ago Mom & Dad dropped me off as a scared 18 year old and today I stood on those steps again where this journey began. The old buildings are still the same, but now we understand better, the ‘why’ of everything. You don’t really get it when you’re young. You don’t appreciate when it’s happening the first time. A lot of people don’t get this chance. It has to be revered. Now you realize how lucky you are. It’s a chance to glance back at your life’s scorecard and tick off the pluses and a few of those minuses you would like to forget. Crazy things flash through your mind like…why did I spend so much time at the Tick Tock? College is really a journey to figure out what you don’t like and then hopefully chase a dream. SLU did that for me. I graduated Magna Cum Miracle. I didn’t make the top half of my class, but I was one who made the top half possible.

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Jan Knost, President Bill Fox, Rit Lennon

Jan Knost, President Dr. Bill Fox, Rit Lennon

Do you know what a 60th reunion is like? A gathering of 80 plus year olds. I asked my girlfriend, Mary, what I should wear to my 60th reunion and she said…”Depends.”

When we went to SLU in the 50’s girls had to wear skirts or dresses to class. Today anything goes in clothes. Dorms were segregated in the 50’s. Today dorms are co-ed. I guess that’s so everybody can help each other with their homework. This reunion weekend I stayed 3 nights in Dean Eaton Hall. I’ve been in more comfortable prison cells.

St. Lawrence is our harbor. We anchored our ships and stocked them for the long journey. Those ships aren’t as sleek as they were, but they still move with pride and love and the force of knowledge we gathered at SLU. I wish more people could see us at one of these parties. We’re slow, but smart. We’re on a mission to come back one more time and touch a friend we haven’t seen or a building that’s more than a hundred years old. It’s more than worth the effort. I’m glad to be here. At my age, I’m glad to be anywhere.

Emily Dickinson, the Universalist poet said…”We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” It’s true…..each day can be brand new and it was. We all came back for the memories. We heard the Saints, men’s chorus sing in a concert at Gunnison. A beautiful reunion of voices from classes of the past. Ted Hughes leads the group with stunning talent.

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On Saturday, for the parade, we dressed up funny and played Devils (Sinners). We did the same thing we always did, only better. Sunday at Gunnison Chapel was a Service of Remembrance for those who have gone. Reverend Dr. Shaun Whitehead delivered a powerful sermon to conclude a wonderful weekend.

St. Lawrence University was chartered in 1856. It’s where it is today because the alums gave something back. A lot. People cared and keep returning to say thanks. President Dr. Bill Fox told us 6,000 high school students applied to SLU for the Freshman Class of 2015-16. 700 were accepted, the largest incoming class in the history of the school.

We will sing the praise through endless days…to the Scarlet and the Brown.

Hundley Thompson (Class of 1956)

Classmate Dentist Dave Beebe can't fix this Redneck's teeth!

Classmate Dentist Dave Beebe can’t fix this Redneck’s teeth!

Herring Library

Herring Library

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Image 1-9-16 at 8.40 AM

This is what he used to do in class!

This is what he used to do in class!

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