Time travels slowly when something like a bad storm keeps us housebound. I’m hunkering down at my daughter’s place since she has a thicker roof than I do.

About 11am the rain was moderate and the heart of the storm was several hours away. I jumped in my car and went to make my own judgments of this mess. I headed up 17 towards North Myrtle Beach and got the weirdest feeling. I’ve never seen that highway so deserted — like driving on someone’s 4 lane driveway. Every commercial store empty…like a beating heart stopped. The marquees looked like memorial stones in a graveyard. Pieces of broken branches looked like dead animals in the roadway. Not one car parked in the mammoth Barefoot Landing parking lot. Like some giant came in and vacuumed up all the small stuff.

 The Grand Strand is usually in constant motion. Now it’s a still picture, minus people. The rhythm of the place is gone. Not a laugh to be heard, not a song to be sung, or a meal be served.    

Give thanks for all those good times and hope they come back quickly with loss to a minimum.

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