My grandson Hunter, son Andy,and I had a chance to have lunch at Indian Land Elementary School with a bunch of 4th graders. Hunter is 9 years old. This is a picture of him and his buddy, Chance. Cute, huh?

Do you remember when you were 9 years old and going to 4th grade? For me it was in the middle of WWII. Thank you, I’ll take today. While we were waiting for the 4th graders to get out of class and go to this 400 seat cafeteria, I was enamored by all the pictures and writings and colors on the walls of the hall. They show their work off much more than we did back in the dark ages.

On one display the children had to fill in the blanks surrounding their art work.

I’m a lover of _______ and ________.  Here were some of the answers:

Computers and spiders
Legos and Christ
Rock and Roll (I want to meet this kid)
Cats and Dogs
Snakes and Ice Skating
Sleeping and eating (This squirt knows how to live)
All animals and family

Family and school
Singing and dogs
Baseball and video games

What do you FEAR? _______ and ______:

Spiders and bad grades
Global warming and bad grades (must be the valedictorian of the class)
Snakes and any bugs
Cockroaches and snakes
Poisonous stuff and bad grades
Nothing and Nothing (Has this youngster got confidence or what?)
Ghosts and giant squid
Pop and Jazz (I hope he doesn’t mean his old man)
Devil and robbers
Bad guys and haunted houses

I show others I care by  ___________.

Being nice
Helping Mom while Dad is in Montreal
Helping people
Caring for others
Helping others real hard.

What would yours have said when you were in 4th grade? I only hope I would have been as clever as some of these kids.


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