This is a picture of the ODD COUPLE…known by some as Ty Boyd & H A Thompson, WBT class of ’61 & ’71. We have a lot in common. Mostly our ability to be long winded. We both married our wives in 1959 and honeymooned at Sea Island Georgia. We didn’t meet until 10 years later in Charlotte and we discovered a lot of coincidences that we still enjoy.

We meet at lunch and talk about what Golden Guys talk about. Stuff you can’t eat…the different kind of pills we take…and how many times a night we get up to pee.

When we arranged the luncheon date we hemmed and hawed over where to go. I suggested the Dogwood and Ty said Monte’s Café. We settled on Monte’s. When the time arrived, he went to Monte’s and I sat down in the Dogwood. In about 5 minutes he called me and said….”Where are you?” I said, Waiting for you at the Dogwood.” He said…”I’ll be right over.” (Restaurants are both walking distance – it was my fault.)

Do you expect anything less from the ODD COUPLE?

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