Mount Rushmore

Charlotte Radio’s Mount Rushmore: Ty Boyd, HA Thompson, Robert D. Raiford

The actors in this play:

Ty Boyd of Ty Boyd Learning Centers,  HA Thompson of Rose Transportation, and Robert D. Raiford of John Boy & Billy Show

This trio of old men made another luncheon trip, this time to Jock’s & Jill’s.

We asked the first person who recognized any of us to take our picture. It was a lady of advanced years and she thought I was Ty Boyd.  Again!

As soon as we connected we fist bumped.  Raiford doesn’t shake hands.  He’s afraid of germs.   Nothing has more germs than a radio station.  Raiford has worked in 12 radio stations, HA-6, and Ty-5.  We matched bruises on the back of our hands.   Raiford had the biggest one.

The 3 octogenarians settled into a booth and the first words out of Raiford’s mouth: “I think about quitting everyday”… and someone in the next booth applauded.  Raiford again, “I finally got enough money……you know I get a SAG check every month.” (SAG=Screen Actor’s Guild).  I said, “Raif, you were in the movies?  What was it the Three Stooges Meet Frankenstein?” I think it was an Army industrial film on VD.

Raiford was center stage before Ty and I could order our prune juice.  He said, “People ask me to write my memoir and I tell them…..Who would give a s–?” Raiford is a true curmudgeon. He said Elvis and the Beatles drove him out of DJing. I said, “How do you like the music on John Boy & Billy?” He said, “I can’t stand it.” (Smile)

I asked both these guys if they ever drive with their left turn signal on?  In unison they both said, “All the time.” And Raiford said,  “I can’t hear the SOB.” Next question, “Did you ever lose your car in the parking deck?” Ty said sheepishly,  “Yeah,” without embellishment.  Raiford said, “I couldn’t find my car and had to get a cop to help me locate it.” I said, “Did you use your horn on your key fob?” And he said, “What’s that?” Maybe it’s time to take the car keys away from these guys.

Wait a minute, all three of us still work everyday. Our ages add up to 248 – 86, 82, 80. Every morning the 3 of us look in the mirror and we are shocked. “Who is that old man?” Then we put on our real face and march out the door to the tune of “76 Trombones”

We finished a 90 minute lunch and headed out the door. We were talking about DUI’s. Raiford said the cops give you a different test if they suspect you are under the influence of marijuana. They ask you to stand on one leg for 30 secs. And Raif says… “Hell, I can’t do that anymore.” I said, “Let’s try it.” Picture this, 3 old men standing at the front door of Jock’s & Jill’s trying to balance on one leg.  Any observer would think… we drank our lunch.

On behalf of all the listeners past and present, THANK YOU.

Charlotte’s Mt. Rushmore

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