Bob LaceyThis is Bob Lacey, an old buddy of mine. We both rolled into WBT in 1971….Nixon was President, and a gallon of gas was 30 cents…. that’s how far back we go.   We had lunch together after a long time watching each other get old.   Bob has been in the same building for more than 40 years.  10 at WBT, 10 at PM Magazine on WBTV, and more than 20 on the LINK, FM with Sherry. I did my 20 and got canned.

That picture shows the wear and tear of two old broadcasters who used to be 6 feet tall.  We’re shrinking.  We used to have more hair….at least it’s not very grey.  

We rapid fired the memories, the people, the successes and pains. What happened to so and so?  Really?  OMG.    The waitresses within earshot were laughing at some of our conversation.

A lot of deja vus. Try it….it’s wonderful.

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2 Responses to The Lone Ranger and Tonto

  1. Lib Shildt says:

    HI HO Silver !!! Another wonderful insight into great relationships with your Cronies ! Would REALLY love being a fly on the wall to hear some of those conversations. Thank you for sharing these “DO SOMETHING SCARY” adventures of yours. Love it & you

  2. Elmer Hilker says:

    Glad to see you two got together, but Bob never was 6 feet tall, not even in 1971 when I first worked for him!
    Please forward my contact info to him if you would. I would love to touch base. Hope you are doing well. Congrats on the recent notoriety for you and the business and I love to read your blogs!

    E’s Best,
    Elmer Hilker

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