A couple of weeks ago I told you about a meeting where they recommended that in a service business you hire people with a good attitude before you pick a candidate based on experience. It happens to work in our business. Very often experienced drivers from a sloppy operation are very hard to train to do it our way.  

Angie Hicks founded Angie’s List. In an interview on how she made her company a success she said:

“I’ve realized you just have to take extra care and make time to TALK TO PEOPLE. I’ve realized you need to OVER COMMUNICATE. When you are working with people, even if you think you’ve said something, maybe you need to say it two or three more times. And make sure you’re praising people. Make sure you’re giving them feedback because their perception of how much feedback you’re giving them is always LESS than what you think you’re giving them.”

“Getting the right mix of people is important. Even if your best performer has a bad attitude, then you need to make a move because that can really turn the culture of an organization.   The vast majority of our employees come from referrals. That’s a byproduct of creating a culture where people enjoy working. They don’t come here because it’s a fancy place to work;  they come here because they actually like what they’re doing”.   

In my company, these are the leaders we are learning from–those who are doing it right.

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