Yesterday, I watched one of the best golf tournaments I’ve ever seen. It was a dog fight to the very end and anyone of about 6 could have won it. The British Open is actually where the game was founded long before America even thought of golf courses. I love the game of golf and have been watching pro golf for about 70 years…back in the days of Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan.

I went to my first Masters in 1957 and I’ve been to a lot of tournaments around the country. I play golf courses when I get a chance. For years I’ve watched the game played on the British & Scottish courses and ever since the first time…I shake my head. What in the world is a “Links Course?” My brain only answers in the negative. Augusta National is the epitome of a golf course, no? Lots of trees, grass, and flowers. So what is this thing with the people who founded the game…playing golf in a cow pasture? Sorry, but that’s what it looks like.

There’s nothing green. No grass in the fairway. The ball rolls like it’s going down a bowling alley. No trees. And bunkers? Are they kidding? Do you think maybe the place started out as a cemetery and they just quit in the middle and decided not to finish the graves?

Congratulations to Francesco Molinari, the new British Open Golf Champion! Best, most competitive golf tournament I’ve ever seen.

Francesco Molinari, the new British Open Golf Champion! July, 2018, Photo from the BBC

A cow pasture course…

Beautiful Augusta…

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