Men have lots of pockets and women have to carry their accessories in a pocket book, purse, or bag. Today, however, the fashion pocket book has grown into a bag large enough to hold a bowling ball and it’s not a whole lot lighter. If I had to carry a bag around everywhere I went, I wouldn’t go.


These bags are so large you could put wheels on it and roll it around. It’s entertaining to watch women try to find things in this ‘closet with handles’. The phone rings and they go head first into the bag like a dog digging for a buried bone. I call it ‘dumpster diving’. There’s everything at the bottom of one of those bags – makeup, loose change, a package of Lance crackers, candy, gum, and medicine. Sometimes even clothes. I looked in the bottom one time and there was a mouse running around. I didn’t tell her. Drop it and it sounds like broken dishes. This is not a pocket book. It’s a designer suitcase. I picked up a bag one time and it was so heavy that I tore my rotator cuff.

Lt. Thompson
The Fashion Police

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  1. Rustee says:

    LOL! So true! Mine weighs a ton!

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