Shagging and beach music are alive and well in Charlotte, NC. Lynn’s is one of the favorite hangouts. One recent Sunday night Lynn’s featured the Fanstastic Shakers, a band that’s been around for 37 years. The Carolina Breakers filled the dance floor on Sunday, Feb 24th.

Here’s Brenda, Pete, and Yours Truly. Peanut was around 35 years ago as a guest on my WBT radio show. He was one of the lead dancers in the Chippendale’s. Remember? Male strippers. That was a first in the Queen City. They filled Club 2001 with girls only. Boring stuff today. Peanut is a champion shagger and looks a little like artist Leroy Nieman.

Here’s Renee. She’s a top shagger and line dancer. Line dancing is so cool and the women do it better than the men. They got the moves.
Here’s Tom Bare, the keeper of the keys at Lynn’s. He’s done a lot to promote beach music in Charlotte. Lynn’s is almost “Fat Harold’s #2.”
Bo is the lead “baton” of the Fantastic Shakers. 37 years they’ve been doing their music 3-4 times a week in the Carolinas.
Line dancing………….. I’ll be honest. I’d rather watch that than dance.
Daphne. If there’s beach music, she, her mother (Brenda #1) and boyfriend are there.
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