The Sea is My Friend

The ocean is my friend. 

Sailors love it, 
So do Sandpipers, Seagulls, and Pelicans.  
Nothing is so grand on this planet as the ocean.  
It ebbs and flows. 
It talks to me.   You can smell it. 
Watching it can be so tranquilizing.  
It’s a magnet for souls of all ages.  
Children are fascinated by it
And the sand that caresses it.  
Tough guys try to own it and the fish in it. 
But the ocean is no match for man.  
If you get in a battle the ocean will win.
The shore lines are shrinking, the ocean is rising.
One day we might all live in Kansas.    
The ocean is powerful like God.  
It gives and it takes. 
It’s a cemetery too, just like earth.   
Wars have been fought on it.  
Lives lost and ships rest on the ocean floor, 
As twisted palaces for creatures of the deep.  
The ocean is fun….that’s why we go.
Sit and listen to what it says…..
The mighty ocean rules.  

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