Ty Boyd and I meet for lunch and we rarely fail to connect to something fun. This is a picture of a couple of old radio ‘has beens’ and one special lady. Do you remember Bert Parks, when the Miss America Pageant was big, back in the 50’s-60’s- & 70’s? One of the things Ty and I used to do was emcee Carolina beauty pageants, when they were popular. He did the NC State pageant for a number of years, and I did the York Grape Festival in York, S.C. Remember?

Shawn Weatherly was there, before she won the Miss Universe Crown along with all the Misses from the towns in the Palmetto State. One year Strom & Nancy Thurmon came to the event. Anyway, the delightful lady between us is a popular Charlotte business woman today, and her name is Tonda Rifkin. A few of you may remember her as Tonda Brown, MISS NORTH CAROLINA…….19(?).

Remember the 11th Commandment. “Never tell a woman’s age.”



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