The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, put on the Purple Stride Charlotte 5K run and walkathon Saturday at Marshall Park that I emceed. My wife, Lucille, died of the disease in 2009. More than a thousand celebrated this fund raiser totaling $130,000. Pancreatic Cancer is a devastating disease because you don’t get symptoms until it’s too late. The assortment of pictures gives you flavor of the group brought together by similar suffering. A mom, dad, brother, sister or grandparent is remembered by those left here to live. Each pair of eyes I looked into smiled with a warmth from the memories. Cherish your friends and loved ones while you can.






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  1. Effie Baily says:

    Thank you so much for joining PurpleStride Charlotte. Your contribution meant more than you know to the rest of us fighting this horrible cancer. We look forward to seeing you again. Please join us for PurpleLight at Freedom Park on October 27. It’s a wonderful way to honor and remember those that have fought the beast of pancreatic cancer.

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