This month is breast cancer awareness month. Pink is everywhere to remind us to help fight this very serious disease. My mother had a mastectomy at age 60 long before today’s sophisticated treatments. Thankfully she lived to age 85.
The attached photo is Virginia Hatcher of Satellite Beach, Florida, the daughter of my girlfriend Mary Norris. She is a “B Pink” breast cancer survivor celebrating the achievement with 61 other grateful ladies and their loved ones at the Cocoa Beach Radisson Convention Center on October 6th. ‘Ginny’ went from hair to no hair back to hair in about 17 months.
I looked at the faces of most of the breast cancer survivors and I could see a joy, like I knew the person I had never met. Happiness is very attractive and attracting. This journey changes you.
The band played and I watched the dancers. One young man danced with his newly recovered lady and I could tell by the way they looked at each other, touched, and kissed that they were very thankful to be with each other that moment. It was a party of reconnecting…..recommitting. It made me feel good inside.
Most women fear those 4 words……”You have breast cancer.” When a doctor says that, everything changes. For a year and a half, sometimes more, women give up a lot of things while trying to recover. A young woman in a beautiful gown with no hair was making a comeback. Like a baby sprouting hair, a new life of recovery is beginning for this woman.
This is Breast Cancer Month. You’ll see a lot of pink. It’s the color of hope for women trying to subdue this monster. Help however you can, but know the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, and daughters who recover from this disease are heroines who have fought a life changing struggle.
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