At Rose Chauffeured Transportation, we sell VALUE. We’re the best every time. We’re always on time, with clean cars, and well trained professionals behind the wheel.

Our value is ordinary people doing their job in an EXTRAordinary way. We hope that customers think of no one but ROSE when they need transportation. Just doing the job is not enough. We create RAVING FANS. Our Wall of Fame is full of them.

To do what we’re doing at Rose, you need to add the element of PASSION in what you do. On the phone, performing your job, talking to customers and co-workers. What’s the importance of being passionate? Passion is important because customers and employees feed off of that. Passion gives confidence to help you reach a goal. Life is colorful when you have passion. Passion allows us to overcome setbacks.

You will never be known for “good service” if you just take care of the customer. You can be competent in your job and even good at it, but still lack PASSION. Life is tough. We all have hardships, but remember to bring positive emotions to the job.

Search for it and bring it out. You have got to put happiness in the phone call and show people you want to help them. And never take a customer for granted.  Be friends inside the company and work as a team.

People will pay more when you have passion, because they get more. And they’ll become raving fans. What are you doing to bring more PASSION to your job?

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