It’s fun to run into people who like what they’re doing. I was in N. Myrtle Beach recently and needed a haircut and went to the Ocean Drive Barber Shop.

Ocean Drive Barber

I’d seen it a hundred times because it’s across the street from Fat Harold’s Beach Club.  The front of the shop & inside looks like Floyd’s Barber Shop on the Andy Griffith Show. It really is a page out of the 1950’s. The ‘head clipper’ is 84 year old Melvin Lewis.

Melvin Lewis

He’s been cutting hair for 67 years.  The Ocean Drive Barber Shop he has had for 61 years and still going strong (see sign on the mirror). Haircuts are 12 bucks.  When he started they were 25 cents.  He puts the money in a 100 year old cash register….1913.


Everything in there is antique….including me at the time.

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  1. ty boyd says:

    H…… why is it that you always run into the most interesting people? If I had hair, I would drive to North Myrtle Beach just to meet Melvin Lewis. Want to see his work; let’s you and me drive up to Denver for lunch with Doug on Thursday this week. Pick you up at 11o’clock. Lemmeno, tytyty

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