Hugh Hefner

Ty Boyd and I have been friends a long time.  Our lives parallel in many ways  including wearing the same size hearing aid batteries.  We had a great weekend together.

Hugh Hefner invited us to the Playboy mansion.  Ty emceed a reunion of the Playboy Centerfold girls ……about 300 from the now senior citizens from the 60’s to some of the dolls from recent vintage.  A few were almost as old as we were.   All Ty did was lead them in a game of Candy Crush on their I-phones.    Ty is so versatile and the old ladies really loved him.

We sat down for a banquet dinner.   When the food started to arrive Ty pipes up….”Is this food gluten free?  I’m allergic to wheat”.  A couple of the girls laughed and one said…”It’s a good thing he isn’t allergic to silicone.”

Ty Boyd

We played a little golf too.  Ty putts with his cane and when he holes one out I have to get it out for him.

Laurel and Hardy

OMG it’s rough getting old.   Ty wears a hat when he sleeps.   The shine on his extended forehead keeps him awake at night if he doesn’t.  Two more old timers were there…..Laurel & Hardy.

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3 Responses to Laurel and Hardy

  1. Joan Rees says:

    If that is really ugh Hefner he looks like wax

  2. Becca Hodges says:

    HA…. I’m sitting here laughing so hard… You are so damn funny and so is your side -kick, Ol’What’sHisName!!!!

    Why don’t y’all get your butts down here for some REAL Lowcountry Adventures of Laurel and Hardy?!

    No Playboy Bunny, here, but I’ll show y’all a rootin’ tootin’ good time, Gullah Style!!


  3. Lib says:

    HA…..YOU are the Man ! Waaaay too funny ! Every time I get one of your priceless pieces….I can not help but wonder…..HOW can he top that ?? But you will, and keep em comin !

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