Not Tall Enough

Norman Rockwell’s Not Tall Enough











I have always wanted to be a tall boy.
No such thing in my family.
Shortest one in class…even the girls were taller
I used to sit on cushions so I could see over the steering wheel at 17.
By the time I was 18, I stretched the tape measure to 5’9 ½”
Every inch of shrimp Hundley.
That’s a big deal when you’re a teen.
So I made up with it in ‘mouth’…I could tell or sell.
Nobody knew I was short in radio.
Today this demon struck again at the doctor’s office.
She measured me 5’8”. I said I’m 5’9 1/2”
She said…”No, 5’8”
And then the words that crushed this wanna-be- tall- guy.
“YOU’VE SHRUNK…look at your age”
OMG, I’m going backwards now. If you girls want to dance
With me you better do it now. In 15 years I’ll only be 3’ tall.
I’ll let you in on a secret…Hollywood is making a movie…
“The Incredible Shrinking Men” starring Danny DeVito and HA Thompson.

HA and DeVito2



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One Response to I Have Always Wanted to Be a Tall Boy

  1. Jeanette Oesterlin says:

    Well, join the club. I figured out that in in 10 years I won’t even be 5′. At least I’ll be more than 3′ then. Sorry you are less shrink resistent than me. You must be made of all natural fibers.

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