Does your company have a problem with employee culture? Do you have employees who just won’t get on board with the plan? Are employees an expense instead of an asset?

When you want to build company strategies, you can’t do it effectively until you create a positive inside culture. Make the culture the lighthouse. Make sure people know what you are.

To fix the culture, you have to work as a team and get the team involved. Hire properly, and explain the mission clearly up front to everybody. At Rose, ours is “Everyone matters, everyone counts… fulfilling the legacy as one of America’s truly legendary transportation companies creating the ultimate in hospitality.”

That’s who we are… period. Does everyone in your company know who you are? Do they believe it? At Rose, we don’t kid ourselves. We’re authentic. Most people in business are not. Everyone wants to be unique and stand out. And we do stand out. To do that, you have to believe in your mission, and make sure the team believes it too.

Rose is getting much better at building positive, effective culture than we ever have before. We’re focusing on helping our employees, keeping them informed, teaching them accountability. Making sure they are appreciated. We want people to truthfully say, “I am proud to work at Rose.”

Customers do business with us because they like our PEOPLE. They like talking to Andy, Jenny, Leslie, Miranda… they want someone they know. And this is our asset.

Why are we ahead of the competition? We have a better BRAND. Rose has a name that is respected and known. We’re unique… we’re passionate. We solve people’s problems. Customers don’t want to hear you say… “we give good service.” Everybody says that. At Rose, they get a warm human being 24 hours a day… Holy mackeral… who else does that in Charlotte? Can you spell NOBODY?

What are you doing to stand out ahead of your competition? Is everybody on board?

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