How old were you when you had your first girlfriend or boyfriend? I was 2 ½. I lived in Queens, NYC. Vintage 1936. This is the romantic beginnings of Hundley A (H.A.). As you can see, the babes were plentiful. There was no TV. You had to make your own entertainment and I did.

Meet my Mom, Polly Thompson.  She was big on hats.  You can tell I wasn’t.

#1 HA and Mom

My first girlfriend. She didn’t last. Aren’t those hats a bit much?

#2 HA and First Girlfriend

Two at a time. You don’t see them complaining.

#3 Two at a Time

Sandbox romance in the winter.

#4 Sandbox Romance

I caddied for her. She was one of those rich girls. A lousy tipper.

#5 Golfers

Tarzan & Jane, a few years later. Notice the finger move I put on her. And she played back. She was a fox.

#6 Tarzan and Jane

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