Grandfather Mountain was owned and founded by Hugh Morton who passed away a few years ago well into his 80’s.   There’s about 80 employees and volunteers that operate the attractions.  The mile high swinging bridge, the nature museum and animal preserve which has 4 live bears in a natural habitat, a giant bald eagle, otters, and a cougar cage.  There are numerous picnic areas many with 40-50 mile views as you ascend the mountain and curvy roads.   They have gift shops. And it’s a very popular family destination near Blowing Rock and Linville Falls.  It’s right on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a magnificent scenic highway that runs about 460 miles.

I spoke to the 80 employees at their “Hospitality Banquet,” and received a lot of positive feedback. One of them emailed me afterward and said this:

I just wanted to thank you! You were both informative and entertaining! You made us feel like you were interested in us personally even though you spoke to a room of many of us… I am happy to say that I was one of [those who received] a copy of your book which I look forward to reading.

One more thing. I love how you were unashamed to bless us in the name of the Lord at the end of your poem. I was touched by that. I am heading out on missions … in September… and I hope to go with the boldness and enthusiasm that you showed us.

God bless you and your company,


The poem she referred to is something I wrote about an hour before the presentation. It doesn’t really have a title. Maybe just “Grandfather Mountain.”

Grandfather Mountain

There is something about the title ‘Grandfather’.
I am one.
Whether it’s a mountain or a man,
They have withstood the storms and winds of life.
The scars on the trees and rocks…..
The wrinkles and grey on an old man.
There’s wisdom in both.
Mother Nature blossoms the mountain.
Children put smiles on Grandfathers.
Grandfather Mountain made me think of my grandfathers.
Today I looked back and could see forever……
Mountain ranges and miles of memories.
God Bless Grandfather,
The Mountain and yours.

Bridge at Grandfather Mountain

Deer at Grandfather Mountain

HA at Grandfather Mountain

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