My 11-year-old Grandson, Hunter, and I went bowling after the Panther game last week. In the first two frames, I threw 3 gutter balls.  Before the game was over we each had about 5 and didn’t break a hundred.    Some of the time we only knocked one pin down.  That’s sort of ‘sniffing’ in the gutter.

Bowling is like life.  You gotta stay out of the gutter.  The truth is, you can’t get good at anything until you throw a lot of gutter balls.  In golf, ‘yipping’ on a 3 footer is a gutter ball.   Striking out with the bases loaded is a gutter ball.  Dropping the football on a pass in the end zone is a ‘gutter ball’.

If you like what you’re doing don’t let a few gutter balls discourage you.  If you don’t throw a bunch of gutter balls, you’ll never get good at something.

– Cicero Thompson

Hunter and HA

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