Rusty Page and I had a discussion of profanity goofs on radio and TV. Any of you remember this one from my WBT days?

I was doing a combination phones and records… and we would get a discussion going on an issue.    I taped all my phone calls in the beginning while the record was playing.   I could take 3 or 4 quick calls, and then just used the best ones.  Sort of an edited talk show.     This was about 1980 something …..we were discussing the use of profanity in the work place now that so many women were employed.    I knew the one woman that called…..she was a regular,  so I asked her point blank .    “Does it bother you when you hear the word ‘fuck’?  (And I said it.)   She gave a great answer.   I backed the tape up to her response.  Or so I thought.

0331OPEDoops-master495-v2The record ended and I got back into our subject conversation and said, “Here’s a woman who has a positive attitude about the use of some profanity in the workplace.”   When I hit the button on the tape recorder I had backed the tape up to MY QUESTION.   I went ape shit when I heard my voice come out and I panicked and tried to stop the tape, but too late.  I got to the STOP button right after the word ‘fuck’  came out over the air on WBT.

The phone rang off the hook.   Everyone of them said, “I want to hear her answer.”    About that minute I was thinking about going to work in the limousine business.

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One Response to #!#@! Goofs on WBT

  1. Lib says:

    GREAT Goof ! Only you HAT ! Love your WBT stories and hearing about the BEST guys that MADE WBT !

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