There’s a new almost 100 store Premium Outlet Mall in Charlotte near the airport and I decided to give it a whirl.  I’m not a shopper but I wanted to see what America loves so much.  I drove through this massive parking lot for 10 minutes and couldn’t find a parking space.   Finally parked way out in left field and hiked back into paradise.  This new mall is like South Park on steroids.  People rushing in and out of stores with shopping bags on their arms like they were on a marathon.   A little bit like Santa Claus on speed.

I glanced in a book store and saw a title “How To Be Happy 7 Days a Week”.   I had to go see what that was.   The last time I was that happy were my drinking days.    Do people want to be that happy?   Do you think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were that happy producing that thing we wear on our belts?  Or the Wright Brothers trying to fly?

It’s fun to ‘people watch’ in shopping centers.   People who produce these shopping meccas know what they’re doing.   Not unlike a pro fisherman who has every bait you can imagine to fool the ‘fish’.  And it works.   It’s Christmas in August.  The people have taken the bait and the recession is over.    I hope you like it.


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