If you take South Carolina highway 151 when you go to the beach, you drive thru an assortment of little towns… one of which is McBee. A couple of miles, on the beach side of town, is a large peach farm with a store right on the highway, that sells very fresh produce, especially peaches. It’s a wonderful break going to or from the beach and in season, McLeod’s Farm is possibly the number one peach farm in the USA. It was founded by Campbell McLeod’s family 99 years ago and is still going strong. They sell 14 million dollars worth a peaches a year! They are so fresh and juicy and delicious. I don’t think I’ve driven to the beach and NOT stopped in a long time.

You know what else McLeod’s Farm is known for? Ice Cream. I’ve never seen as many Grandpa’s and Grandma’s standing in one line to get an ice cream cone. They sell an amazing 10 thousand dollars worth of ice cream cones a WEEK! And, for some reason it’s better ice cream than you can buy in the city.

Something else you may have missed at McLeod’s — I’ve been stopping a long time before I noticed the museum behind the main building — There’s an antique museum and it’s crammed with old fun stuff to look at; especially, genuine, antique automobiles. Take a look at these beauties and make sure you walk back into the museum the next time you travel.





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