Do you grit your teeth? We often do it and don’t know it. I think I’ve been doing more of it. There’s a lot of stress in the world — watching politics on TV is at the top of the list…getting stuck in heavy traffic is a close second…getting on a plane at the airport may be third. You know what I mean. Whatever it is that ‘winds your clock too tight,’ I’ve found something that unwinds it better than booze or a pill.  

It sits almost in the middle of our town. It’s called FREEDOM PARK; massive acres of green trees, a couple of them 200 years old, grass, a lake and people with smiles on their faces. After a wonderful dinner with friends, I pulled into Freedom Park and went for a walk around the lake.  It’s beautiful. Look at the pictures.   

Freedom Park has a long history in Charlotte. Grant Whitney was responsible for the annual Festival in the park each September. He came on the radio every year and talked about it. Lots of food, beautiful art, music, and people enjoying themselves. Any night now, when the sun is fading, is the best time to ‘walk in the park.’ It’s peaceful and quiet…big sidewalks for the walkers, joggers, kids on bikes, and all kinds of pooches.

If you want to get away from it all, save your teeth, and not look at cars and trucks and people who are pissed off — take a stroll on Charlotte’s ‘Yellow Brick Road.’  Pack up the family and a picnic. It really is a park that’s freeeee and fun. 

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