Photo credit: Ben Goff, Gaston Gazette

Did you see where the Riverview Inn (fish camp) over on the Catawba River is closing its doors after 67 years? Ty Boyd used to do commercials for that place on WBT, and talk about wooden leg Captain Windy. I guess the customers just kept moving further out of town and their base slowly disappeared. And people’s taste for fried foods changed too.

Not long ago The Ranch House on Wilkinson Blvd shut the place down after 50 some years. And with it went the best shrimp cocktail I ever ate. Newcomers to that restaurant went through a ritual the first time they ever ate one. The fresh horseradish blew your head off. It was much better than Coricidan for clearing your sinuses and tear ducts.

There was another restaurant that closed on that side of town a long time ago, but it was a solid watering hole and ‘gas up’ station. The Driftwood. Remember that place? “Cloudy” MacLean used to drink his lunch there for years. And one of the highlights of the place was the hostess. An attractive, vivacious woman who made it as much a reason to go there as the food……and it was good. She remembered everybody’s name and she made you feel good just showing up.

Who’s next to pull down the old dusty curtain? Businesses have to change….reinvent themselves..…..move……and make sure the competition isn’t doing it better than they are. Watch out, somebody may be sneaking up on you.

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  1. Our family used to go there in the early days, back when Capt Windy was there and our friends the Burns family owned it. It was great as a fat-ass kid to eat all that fried stuff!

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