Everything has a shelf life, including businesses. Hostess Bakeries is going bankrupt. They have been around forever. People loved Twinkies, Ding Dong’s, and Ho Ho’s back to my grandparent’s days, and now forever has come to an end. These products have to be at the top of the list for junk food and the names are just a little too cute.

Part of the problem was union expenses, but from where I sit,  Hostess made some major blunders as they went down the 124 year road.

  • They didn’t innovate and change their products or do enough market research. Who eats them today? A small demographic? My mother never bought them when we were kids.
  • Why didn’t they go the health food route and introduce new products to take over when Great Grand Dad Twinkie dies? Hostess had nothing new in the wings.
  • In business you have to change all the time. Often what worked for 10 or 20 years won’t work today. Nobody ate sushi 25 years ago. Now it’s everywhere. My mother born in 1906 would have said of sushi….”Yuck, horrible, raw fish? No thanks.”
  • Nostalgia won’t keep you in business either. The newcomers don’t give a hoot. Youngsters today don’t like Elvis or the Beatles.
  • Hostess saw the writing on the wall and the execs said…”Let’s get ours.” They financially raided the company and took more than their share. The founders, I bet, wouldn’t have done that. You underpay yourself and if there is extra on December 31st, THEN you take it. There hasn’t been any extra for a long time. They never say in the obituary, “Cause of death, greed”. The only way to ‘get’ is to ‘give’ more. If you take the ‘get’ before the ‘give’….you’re gone.

Goodbye Ding Dong, so long Twinkie and Ho Ho.

*Photo credit thegatewaypundit.com

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