There’s an Elvis Fan Club in Matthews, N.C. A real one. I remember when Elvis came to Charlotte in 1973 and ’77 they were the ones to stand in line all night to buy good seats. They are still alive and kicking and they are all about Elvis’ age. The Big E was born January 8, 1935. Elvis wouldn’t look good with white hair, but his fans do. They’re old, but they STILL know how to have fun.

The Elvis Fan Club gathered January 4 at Jonathan’s Restaurant in Matthews. 125 rock ‘n roll seniors put on a show to honor the King and 3 Elvis’ were there. One Grandma was wearing a black satin jacket with “Elvis The King” on the back. It really did look like they escaped from the retirement home.

I helped add to the memories. One old chick came up to me and said….”Do you remember I danced with you 35 years ago in Gastonia”. I said….”I hope your husband didn’t mind”. Or something like that.

There were 3 professional Elvis impersonators (tribute artists) and they were all sensational. Mathew Spaulding, Jack Byrnes, and Chuck Ayers. Matthew is the young Elvis and Chuck is the senior E in a spangled red jump suit. One fan raced up with cash in her hand and Elvis said…”I don’t have any pockets” and she stuffed it down his shirt.

The 2001 theme song comes on and Elvis brings down the house. Some of the crowd smiling and rockin’ with less than a set of teeth. One of the gals was singing the words to “Trouble” from King Creole and dancing in the aisles. “Bossa Nova Baby” had em jumping out of their Depends.

It was elbow to elbow, singin’ and swingin’….the teenagers would have laughed. One lady with big bazooms tried to squeeze thru a small opening in the aisle…..I smiled & chuckled at her dilemma….and she said…”You weren’t supposed to see that”.

Chuck Ayers, who has the best Elvis voice I ever heard, ended the show with Battle Hymn of the Republic…..never a more all-American crowd. Everybody was taking pictures, ready to call it a night and one 80 year old babe walked by me and said….”H.A. you’re good looking”. Was she hittin’ on me? I don’t get it. I’m getting more action now than when I was in my 20’s.

The oldies are golden. Rustee Lane produced this show.

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