My son Andy, who runs sales for Rose Chauffeured, recently received this email from a prospect:

“The past two years we’ve gone with 2 different charter bus services and encountered problems with both of their services. Two years ago, one of the companies had a bus break down on its way back from Camp, filled with 8 and 9 year old children. We understand that any equipment can break down. That is just life. But we could not get anyone to return our calls (their own bus driver could not get a returned call). Our children were stuck on the side of the road for 3 hours on a 100-degree day. Because we couldn’t reach their “on-call” emergency dispatcher, I was unable to provide parents with any information on their children. So very angry parents, but none more angry than myself.

“Last year, we went with another provider and encountered an almost identical situation. It was so close to the above that I’ll not bore you with the details. So, with all that said, you can see why I called you this morning. What assurances can you give me that the above will not happen if we use your company. I’ve heard nothing but good things about your company, but these are questions I need to ask.”

Wow… A busload of kids by the side of the road for three hours on a 100-degree day, and the parents didn’t even know where they all were… That should never have happened.

At Rose we have a dispatcher in the office 24 hours a day. We have 2 full-time mechanics on call after hours. We’re also members of a national network of repair shops. If a bus breaks down, we fix or replace it right away, or we hire a partner to finish the trip. We would never leave a group stranded.

We are not the cheapest motorcoach service available. It costs money to maintain 24-hour dispatch, a staff of full-time mechanics, and repair network memberships. It takes dedication to ensure that every trip is memorable and that any mishaps are handled quickly and efficiently. Sure, we could run our business more cheaply and pass those savings on to our customers… if we wanted to occasionally leave them stranded.

This month we are celebrating 27 years in business. Why? Because we take customer service seriously. We don’t ever leave anyone stranded.

What about you? Is your business taking customer service seriously? What are you doing to ensure you never leave them stranded?

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