I love boats. Almost anything you do in or on a boat is fun. They fascinate me, but I don’t want one. I just don’t have the mechanical or electronic skills to keep one running. Not to mention navigation — I’m sure I would end up in Bermuda when my destination was Murrells Inlet.

Boats have a soul. They sit, docked, most of the time waiting to take you on an adventure. And boat people are a different sort. A boat is one of the best places to disconnect from the world. No banks, no mail, no grocery stores, no traffic. Hemingway used to do it all the time. Fisherman get the most mileage out of a boat.

Marinas are giant hotels for the ‘sleeping’ yachts and small runabouts. I love to walk the dock and admire these expensive toys — 20 to 50 footers. How much does it cost to park one? $440 a month for the big babies and $295 a month for the small fries. If you’re yachting through the inland waterway on a journey and park for the night, the fee is $9 a foot, based on the length of your vessel.

I believe boats have a soul and when owners put a name on it they are christening their baby with a life of its own. Check the hidden stories behind these names:

Cocktails & Dreams
Group Therapy
The Golden Rule
Brown Eyed Girl (maybe Van Morrison’s boat?)
Je Ne Sais Quoi (a intangible quality that makes something distinctive)
Just Palm Crazy
Forget About It III
Too Impulsive
Wetter Is Better
Two Screws Loose
Plane Money
Wade N Sea
Wind & Wine

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