Ty Boyd and Yours Truly

About 3 times a year, the alumni who used to work at Jefferson Pilot Broadcasting (WBTV-WBT), gather together to reminisce about the crazy business of broadcasting. Historically, about thirty people show up. Most of them are 75-80 years old plus or minus a few digits. This past January, we met at TRIO Restaurant. Broadcasting in Charlotte 50 years ago was nothing like today… only 2 TV stations and 2 radio stations captured all the ratings. 

In those days, WBTV was Doug Mayes, Betty Feezor, Pat Lee, Jim Patterson, Jim Thacker, & Fred Kirby…all those mentioned have passed. Some of the behind the scenes people: working the cameras, in the director’s booth, in HR, PR and on the street selling are still around. That’s who come together to do the “good old days.”

Ty Boyd’s health kept him from going the party, but he was not forgotten. Larry Daniel saved and framed a 45 year promotional picture of Boyd that saluted Ty’s successes at radio, TV, speaking, and beauty pageant emceeing.

Everyone in that room was grateful to be there.


The Tatsis Gang

These 3 men with me at Tatsis Restaurant are the three most phenomenal guys on the planet. From left to right: Ed Messer, Me, George Lineberry, and Ed Gallant. They are 3 & 4 year veterans of WWII. Each of them are still married. 

Ed and George have been married 71 years and Gallant, 54 years. Ed said he couldn’t live a half a day without his wife. 

Our ages for the 4 of us add up to 362. Messer is 93, Lineberry is 98, Gallant is 86 and I’m the kid at 85. Wow…it must be the food!

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