Take a look at this! I was listening to beach music in a juke joint, and I smiled at the boxes of beer near me, and noticed the bottles on the tables all around. Like most everyone, I drank my share back in the day, and it made me think about the popularity of the beverage. 

Beer really is the elixir of the Gods — without it, most of us wouldn’t have any friends. A bottle of beer in your hand is like a gun on your side in the Matt Dillon days. “Hey Pardner what’ll you have, a Bud Light?” Miss Kitty never would’ve served Matt a light beer! 

Think about it…beer is like oxygen. You can’t go in a sports bar and drink coke. Most golfers say, “Yes,” to the drink cart girl when she asks, “Do you want a cold one?” Beer is macho…beer has muscle…beer is male. “Let’s go have a couple of brewskis.”

I always had a fantasy to hijack a big beer truck, ice it down, and drive it to the beach. Stick a sign on it : FREE BEER and watch the characters come running. You could get elected Mayor if you did that! 

Beer is the “orange juice of adulthood.” The first reason they built refrigerators was for beer. You better have a 6 pack in there. CHEERS!

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