The beach music shag extravaganza called Mid Winter SOS ended a long weekend of fun at North Myrtle Beach.  Shaggers are happy people.  The title of this story is no joke.


That’s on a car’s license plate frame driving around North Myrtle Beach.

I never saw a group more dedicated to their hobby.  Fishermen don’t even come close.

Beach Club

Shakers Truck

Look at this guy.  I’m not the oldest person in the room when this guy shows up.   He’s 93 on Jan 24…..Len Gardner.   The women love him.


He wears the floor out.

[embed_youtube src=””]


[embed_youtube src=””]

The coolest thing the gals do is line dance.  Every time they play a line dance song the men sit down and the women flood the floor.   Why?   Men don’t have boogie shoes?


At Deckerz they were singing Karaoke…



Kids are learning the shag

[embed_youtube src=”″]

The seniors dance up a storm.   They have a few miles on them and this is their definition of happiness

[embed_youtube src=””]

I hope I see y’all soon at FAT HUNDLEY’S BEACH CLUB.

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One Response to A Short Cut to Happiness… Dancing

  1. Lib says:

    Oh my….the memories ! I did my share of shagging on the Pavilion and “The Bowery”, eons ago. Still love the fact SOS has continued (and will for years to come), and just gets bigger & better for the old and the young ! Love the pictures….Thanks for sharing HAT…..U da bestest !

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