Fury32The fastest, highest, roller coaster (some may call it a giga coaster) in the world is in Charlotte. P. T. Barnum was right. He said, “People will pay money to be scared”.

Fury has a lot of definitions. One of them is the new ride at Carowinds. 95mph plus twists, turns, and loops. That’s up in the hurricane range. While you’re traversing this 2-3 minute ride….dying does enter your mind.

How many times have you said…”That scared the ____ out of me!” That term belongs exclusively to the ride, FURY. It does and it did.

I wasn’t sure I was going to get on the ride, but I do love roller coasters. I figured they had some restrictions for geezers like they do for little kids. I looked to see if they had an ambulance nearby. I looked for a “Ride at your own risk” sign like the Petty cars at CMS. None, so I got on.

I took off my toupee, glasses, hearing aids, and teeth out. You’ve never ridden a real roller coaster until you ride this one. I was 5’9″ tall when I got on and 5’6″ when I got off. I swallowed my stomach back into place and went to my car and drove home. That actually is the most dangerous ride of all.

Pat Hall founded Carowinds in 1973 with a P.T. Barnum flair. He died in 1978. He did his job well like a lot of Charlotte’s founding fathers. His legacy still lives. It just keeps getting faster and higher.Fury12

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One Response to “That scared the ____ out of me!”

  1. Frances says:

    Think I’ll bypass this one. Don’t think my old heart could take it!

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