HA Thompson, Ty Boyd, Andy Thompson, Don Crosby

A few weeks ago we brought a group of guests to the Hospitality and Tourism Alliance party, a big annual event at the NASCAR grand ballroom. It was a hoot.

Ty Boyd was there too. He and I have been kibitzing for more than 40 years. We have too many coincidences. We honeymooned in the same resort 10 years before we ever met. We spent years at WBT…..the speaking circuit…..talking non stop.

Ty and Pat Boyd

While I’m on the subject of ‘yakking’, anyone who was at the party saw how hard it was to get Ty into the ballroom for dinner. Gov. McCrory doesn’t politic that hard. And how hard it was to get him out when it was over! Ty has been doing this to his poor wife for 53 years and I have just the solution. I was in Petsmart the other day and they have a Great Dane collar and leash that would work perfect on Ty. Pat would have no more problems. One yank and Ty would come running. He would also sit and stay and he’s never done that before.

Don Crosby has offered to do a personality PDP profile on Ty. I told Don it won’t work for him without a ‘BS’ meter. I remember in my radio days when I had astrologers and psychics on my show, and they said Ty was an introvert and would never make it in show business.

Don and Kathleen

HA, Don, Andy


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  1. Rustee says:

    Looking very dapper there, Mr. Thompson!

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