Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the day my mother died, which was February 28, 1992. This is the eulogy I gave at her memorial at Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines, NC:

Thank you for being here for this celebration. The door and phone of friendship has been wonderfully continuous. Friends remember our Mother Polly with such words as:

“I felt better when I was around her.”

“She brought out the best in people.”

Thank you for feeling so positive about Polly… Mother…

Grandmother… and friend.

This is a joyous occasion. You know Mother loved the theater. Not only did she like sitting in the audience, she liked being on stage. Polly loved applause… she deserved it. Her life was a wonderful performance. Wouldn’t it be nice if we gave her a hand? A round of applause? (and the congregation did).

Thank you for your love. Thank you for your food. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for extending your heart and more important, your hand.

I studied Mother’s hand and held it and watched the light dim from her fingers. 58 of her 58 1/2 years they served me. She  touched me, wrote to me, fed me, directed me, and I know you find this hard to believe… she scolded me.

Not everyone gets a Mother’s love for so long.

The hand is an instrument of love… of serving. My Mother’s hands have done their job.

May they continue to do this kind of work in all of you.

I watched other hands besides Mothers.

The hands of Maggie and Eva.

The hands of Elmire and Joyce,

play a symphony on an instrument with the music gone.

The hands of Hospice and the hands of Hal (minister)

The hands that hold a voice on the phone.

The hands that brought such wonderful food.

Hands that work and hands that heal.

The hands that wipe away the tears,

The hand that touches the world is a Mother’s hand and

we will miss hers.

Thank you Mother, we love you.

–Hundley A. Thompson, Jr.

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