Twenty-nine years ago last week, my company Rose Chauffeured Transportation bought a used Rolls Royce. We prided ourselves on weddings and special occasion rides. Our first ride, March 23rd, 1985 was a personal friend of mine, Jerry and Debi Keck.

Jerry’s hobby was roller coasters. He built model coasters. He rode every roller coaster in the country so why shouldn’t he get MARRIED on a roller coaster?

Carowinds Marriage Proposal

He did, and Rose provided the ride to and from Carowinds.

Roller Coaster Wedding


The ceremony took place on the top of the first hill of Thunder Road where they stopped the cars.  The ceremony was broadcast live on WBT.  The wedding party was in one train and the guests in the other. When they finished saying their “I do’s,” the cars roared down the steep first hill with the bride’s dress flying in the breeze.

Thunder Road

It was different and it was fun and that’s how we began.

Debi and Jerry celebrated 29 years last week, and so did Rose. Thank you and congratulations to both of us.  It’s been a long, beautiful relationship.

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