• Looking for an antidote to the epidemic of long-winded pep talks and motivational hype? Come along with HA and take off those red neckties and strip your business success down to its essentials: Caring about your business, caring about your job, caring about people.

What you will find in the book

  • Stories about successful business people who didn’t “dress for success.” They may have worn professional attire, but they bypassed the hype, the formulas, and the motivational buzzwords and slogans. They stripped their business success down to the essentials.
  • Stories that encourage you to invest in yourself and in what you’re doing. To put yourself on the line, take a chance.
  • Stories that remind you to enjoy the journey because it’s the journey that gives meaning to the outcome.

 What you will not find in the book

  • Tips on what to wear (or not wear). When HA says “get undressed,” he means “take a chance – do something scary”; reveal your naked, positive energy to the world.
  • Motivational speeches or long-winded, boring philosophizing. Just real, down-to-earth, quick-reading stories about real people.