Bruce Johnson and Mike Love



The Beach Boys were in Charlotte Saturday night and their loyal fans packed Ovens Auditorium. The Beach Boys are phenoms. Only two of the original group are left. Mike Love is 74 and Bruce Johnston, 73. The rest of the team are add-ons, but the sound is still perfect. The Beach Boys band is more than 50 years old, so what does that make their fans? Yup…Seniors! Golden oldies. I saw so many shaking their senior booties, and singing the lyrics. Grandma can groove! Man, she gets it on. Those songs came out of the turbulent 60’s and created a California surfing image.




Murray Wilson, the dad, saw his teenage sons had talent and nurtured it. The songs were fun, fun, fun. When the lights came on and the band hit their first song, my body went into goose bump mode. These guys have created songs that will last forever, just like many songwriters. They made us all chair dance and sing our hearts out. What added to the color of the show were the rear screen pictures of the band in their early days…most of us could remember who we were with and where we were the first time around.




A couple going to a memory show like this is as good as renewing your wedding vows. Hand holding…hip bumping…and a kiss. Just like starting all over again.

Mike Love asked the audience to turn on their cell phone flash lights and sway to the music of “Surfer Girl”. What a trip that was.

I can’t live without music in my life. I’m glad we have plenty of it.




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