I’m a North Myrtle Beach shag music fan from years ago.   Beach bands draw me like flies to a light bulb.  There’s a club here in Charlotte called “Lynn’s Dance Club” at S. Tryon and Woodlawn and they do a very good job of creating a “Fat Harold’s” in the Queen City.   Last weekend one of the best beach bands in the Carolinas was playing: The Fantastic Shakers.  Bo, Don, Freddy, Jeff, Chris, & Doug.  They all sing and play instruments.    They’ve been doing it for 35 years and the lead guys are on the north and south side of 60.   AND so is their audience.   We loved the music of the 60’s and won’t let it go away.
When I walked into Lynn’s I thought it was a WBT reunion.  I cozied up to the bar and ordered a non-adult beverage and the lady next to me said….”HA, I was one of the girls in your Dolly Parton Look Alike Contest in 1978……I was 28 at the time”.     Right then she confessed her age.   Her name was Deborah Tucker, and we laffed about that Dolly Parton contest on the square in downtown Charlotte at high noon.  A thousand people showed up to watch it.
When you go in a place like Lynn’s you better be ready for fun.   Tom Bare owns the joint.
He brings in bands on special nights and has DJ’s at other times.   Good Carolina Shaggers could hold their own on Dancing With The Stars.
I spotted a lady with a cool shirt on.   It was an invitation I chose not to indulge in.
Her name is Renee Baker and she keeps a shagtour web page so you can follow the music.
Before I left, another listener from way back when grabbed my arm and said…”HA, I met my second, now ex-wife, on your ‘Dateless and Desperate Program’ on WBT”.   Right away he got my attention.   I said, “Tell me the story.”     He said…..”It lasted 5 years and it was a wild ride.”    I met two people who married from the Dateless and Desperate journey.   Both are now divorced so I guess I don’t cut it as a matchmaker.
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2 Responses to Beach Bands Draw me Like Flies to a Light Bulb

  1. T.K.Robinette says:

    H.A. I normally do not respond to anything like this,but I was a devoted listener and fan of yours back in the day ( the days when WBT had quality programming and not the mess that they have today. What a shame,) It’s great to hear that you are a fan of the music that we as shaggers love so dearly. WBT, early on, had a great deal to do with promoting our music. I remember Rockin’ Ray and Fessa John Hook specifically and maybe the King of Charlotte, Randy Rowland. Thursday night at Lynn’s is Charlotte Shag club night and we have a really large crowd with a DJ and good music and shaggers of all levels of expertise. We would love to have you come out on a Thursday and join us in enjoying the music and the dance. Thanks to you for recognizing our beach and shag music culture. ……T.K.Robinette

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